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We have the location and anchor points so you just need to supply the equipment and a qualified instructor for an afternoon of fun.


Available for hire. We have all the equipment required to conduct this favourite pastime brought back to popularity by the film The Hunger Games.

Campfire Circle

Located in a clearing among the Kanuka our campfire circle brings in lots of atmosphere for a small group yet there is room for up to 100 to fit around if needed. All you need to bring is your own wood and fire permit.

Confidence Course

Nine challenges to complete and designed to be challenging for the younger age groups and yet with just a bit of imagination it can be challenging for the oldest amongst us.

Mountain Bike Track

Winding its way around the upper area of the campsite our 3.5km long track can be ridden in both directions making for two totally different experiences. See parts of the campsite not normally seen and have lots of fun at the same time.

Water Slide

Our new purpose built water slide due to open later this year will feature two chutes so you can race your friend. Start up amongst the trees and finish in the open this is going to be great fun for all ages.

Swimming Hole

Cool off in a nice safe part of the Silverstream. It even has a small area of beach.

Explore the Area 


Use Waiora as a base to explore the many trails or walking and mountain bike tracks in the Silverstream Valley and for the more adventurous you can continue on into the Silver Peaks.

Bouldering Wall

A new activity for Waiora that is sure to become one of our more popular this 2m high x 7.5m long wall has been designed to be as easy or as hard as you want to make it.


Grab a compass and off we go. A great way to discover some of the natural beauty that Waiora has to offer and have some fun at the same time.

Glow Worms

Just a short walk from our front gate you will find our very own glowworm grotto. No longer do you need to venture down a cave but just remember keep quiet or they will disappear.

Night Torch Trail

Grab your torch and off you go. From the start use your torch to find the first reflective marker and then as you reach each marker look for the next but be careful. Go off track and you could find it hard to get back as there is only a narrow band from where the markers can be seen.


Our open air chapel is great if you just want some quiet time for reflection while you listen to the abundant birdlife and is regularly used for weddings.

Nature Trail

Grab our guide and off you go. Learn all about Waiora’s abundant flora and fauna as you visit many points of the campsite


While Waiora Campsite takes care in providing these facilities and or activities we accept no resposibility in how they are used.

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